There is a lot of misleading information when it comes to online marketing, however the one undisputed fact is content is king. That is why our online marketing package revolves around creating great quality content for your web site. We do not offer a quick fix or a “secret” SEO solution, we take holistic approach to improving our web site and increasing engagement with your existing clients and hopefully your future clients.

We’re very aware that each business is different and therefore there is no one size fits all service and that is why we have broken down our Online Marketing program into the following segments in order to enable us to better customize a program based on the needs of each client.

  • Content Generation

    New content will not only keep your existing visitor base coming back, but also bring in new visitors. Content can come in many forms including blogs, news feeds, photo and videos. Depending on your situation, we will work with you to identify what best suits your business.

  • SEO Best Practices

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving your web sites popularity to search engines to improve your organic search ranking. While there are a lot of conflicting opinions in regards to what is effective and what is not we work from Google’s documentation to Improve Site Structure, Optimize Content, Manage Crawlers and engage quality services that help improve your site’s visibility.

  • Google Adwords

    Adwords is Google’s flagship advertising program. It is a Pay Per Click (PPC) model, which means you only pay when a user clicks your advertisement and visits your web site. Adwords does not need to be an alternative to SEO and can be used effectively to generate genuine customer enquiries. Without Adwords Sixes and Sevens would not exist today, Adwords was the sole advertising solution we used to launch Sixes and Sevens in 2008.

  • Social Media

    Social Media isn’t a business solution for everyone but depending on your business Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other Social Media Channels can be a great way to build your brand, engage customers and drive traffic to your web site.

  • Email Marketing

    It’s free, it’s immediate and used wisely, Email Marketing can be a great tool to generate repeat business from your existing customers.

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